Reggaecise® is a high-impact aerobic workout experience of dance and movement to the rhythm of Reggae music. It is “the Original Jamaican Caribbean Workout” that promises to have anyone who practices it moving, grooving, sweating and having fun while burning calories and reducing stress.

Creator, David Peter Smith, has taught Reggaecise® since 1992, but began training in the arts of Aikido (a Japanese form of self-defense and martial arts) and Jujitsu (a Japanese system of unarmed combat and physical training) at the age of 14.  Four years later, he began to blend both martial arts with dance choreography and he co-founded the famed Jamaican dance group L.T.D. The troupe, not only entertained fans in their native Jamaica, but took to perform in cities across North America.

Moving later to American, while living in Brooklyn, New York in 1992, David being dissatisfied with the lack of variation and culture in music and dance at the time, saw it necessary to combine and expose unique aspects of Jamaican and Caribbean performing arts to his new home. He did so by combining Reggae music, dance, exercise and the carefree attitude of the Caribbean, resulting in the birth of Reggaecise®.