Become A ReggaeCise® Instructor

Share your Love of Fitness, Change Lives, and Catapult Your Fitness Career

Reggaecise® is an exciting program that blends dance, high-impact aerobics, and great Reggae music. Each workout gets your heart pumping, your body moving, and spirits soaring. It is the perfect fitness routine and stress reliever for anyone who loves good music and is passionate about their physical and mental health. Everyone who practices Reggaecise® will be moving, grooving, sweating, and having the time of their lives—all to the beat of some of the world’s best Reggae music.

Become a Certified Reggaecise® Instructor and Get Paid to Change Lives

One of the reasons people love Reggaecise® is that it just makes people feel good. People who have never liked exercise find that they are sweating, getting healthier, and shedding pounds.

You can be part of this change. You can inspire people to get up and get moving. Imagine if you could spend your days making a positive impact on people’s physical and mental well being. Now imagine that are able to make a living doing that.

The good news is that you can! We are now accepting students for our Reggaecise® Certified Instructor Training. Participants will not only learn how to teach the fun and exciting Reggaecise® workouts, but they will also learn how to build a business as a high-energy Certified Reggaecise® Instructor.

Why Should You Become a Certified Reggaecise® Instructor? Even if you have gone through other certification programs, Reggaecise® is something you need to add to your skills. Reggaecise® is generating huge amounts of excitement throughout the fitness community.

However, right now there are not enough instructors to keep up with demand. The market potential of Reggaecise® is enormous. It won’t be long before every club and gym will be looking for Reggaecise® instructors to teach full classes of eager students.

You have the chance to become among the first certified Reggaecise® instructors anywhere.

Reggaecise® is fun and it works. People love moving to the rhythms of Reggae music and getting in a vigorous and effective workout at the same time.

Another reason you should become a certified Reggaecise® instructor is that level of support you get is unlike anything else you have ever experienced in any other fitness certification program. We teach not only how to teach Reggaecise®, but also how to make connections, find clients, and how to make money making a positive difference in the world.

Participants in our Reggaecise® Instructor Certification Program will learn:

  • How to lead a Reggaecise® class
  • Tips for staying motivated and excited for your students
  • How to overcome your fears of getting up in front of strangers
  • Actionable advice on how to develop choreographic routines that are engaging and challenging
  • How to make contacts and promote yourself as an instructor

You will also get hands-on, real world experience as part of the Reggaecise® Certification process.

Additionally as a Certified Reggaecise® Instructor you will receive an official certificate to validate that you have successfully undergone training and passed certification. You will also receive a copy of the digital media from the Masterclass, i.e. music, and choreography notes, if applicable.

Instructor Training:

Details of training will be provided upon registration.

Please note that persons who registered in advance of the training will be sent an email confirming registration. As well, they will receive a copy of the Masterclass and will be assigned a track to learn prior to training, which they will be responsible for leading the class in.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a Certified Reggaecise® Instructor. In order to successfully complete the program, before you enroll you should already be:

• At least 18 years old
• Have dance experience or musicality in dance
• Be passionate about helping other people get fit
• A love of fitness workouts
• A desire to make a positive change in the world

Register today to make sure you secure a spot in our Certified Reggaecise® Instructor training.

Certified Reggaecise® Instructor Training Registration Fee: $300