By combining dance, fitness, and great reggae music, ReggaeCise® provides you with a high-impact exercise workout that keeps your heart rate pumping and gets your spirit energized! What is ReggaeCise®? ReggaeCise® is a high-impact aerobic workout experience of dance and movement to the rhythm of Reggae music. It is the original “Jamaican Caribbean Workout” that promises to have anyone who practices it moving, grooving, sweating and having fun while burning calories and reducing stress.


  • Dance experience is not required
  • Be ready for your island vacation
  • Improves fitness while getting your sexy on
  • Increases cardio endurance and flexibility
  • Puts your range of motion to the test
  • Shapes and tones your waistline
  • Guaranteed to lift your spirit

Above all, leave your worries and inhibitions behind; just be yourself and get ready to have a good time!


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