Good Time at Reggaecise Party

It was quite the party… and quite the sight. The turnout was amazing as Goodlife members, family and friends came out for the official launch of Reggaecise. The party started with some brief introductions, skin care information from Skincerity, and a message about cleansing from Herbalist Lennox (Jimmy) Brown. Yes, we all now know about the importance of detoxification. With the outer and inner components of maintaining our bodies taken care of, it was time to get fit!

If anyone was hesitant, reluctant or even a little bit shy about trying the dance workout straight from the heart of the reggae music, David Smith’s, and dance companions Shawna’s and Tasha’s, high energy and spirited personalities soon had everyone waving their hands in the air, swinging their arms from side to side, marching in place, spinning and turning.

Live performance by Reggae singing sensation Dovi that kicked started this dance fest, Reggae tunes engineered by D.J. (Maverick) Enzo, and an amazing sound and lighting system by System Music Warehouse kept the crowd engaged and energized. There was even a guitar performance by Goodlife Kennedy’s own Shane MacPhee.

The night ended with a give-away of a lovely gift basket from Western Union.

A good time was had by all!