Happy Cleansing!


A brand new year is upon us. With it, come the new year’s resolutions: to get fit / go to the gym, eat healthier, stop smoking, lose weight, etc.
All are commendable goals for self-improvement. However, why not jump-start your body for this more active and healthier you by doing a cleanse. Anybody can benefit from a cleanse. And after all that holiday binge eating, it’s the perfect time to do the body good by eliminating toxins from the body.

Detoxification mainly refers to the detoxification of the colon or kidney. The resulting benefits include increased energy, feeling better physically, have more mental clarity, relief from chronic fatigue, food intolerance, and chronic ill health.

Although there are both short-term and long-term programs, we are referring here to a 24-hr. detox that begins first thing in the morning. This can be achieved either via a juice cleanse or with laxative pills, that can be easily purchased, such as senna pod.

Back in Jamaica senna pod was the widely used herbal laxative given to children as they headed back to school. The belief was that “they would have indulged in eating a lot of potentially harmful things and engage in activities which would cause them to contract worms.” Parents often use the herbal senna pod laxative to give the large intestine of their children a thorough rinse. This detoxification was called “wash-out”.

Whichever method you choose, a 24-hr. detoxification is highly recommended. Let’s face it. A detoxification or cleansing is not necessarily something we necessarily want to do, but it is something we should do.

Happy Cleansing!




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