Attention fitness enthusiasts, dance enthusiasts, wannabe instructors!

Reggaecise Masterclass is coming your way!

On Sunday, November 12, 2017 Reggaecise creator, David Smith, will be holding a Reggaecise event that consists of 2 components:

1.       Reggaecise Workshop

2.       Reggaecise Masterclass Party

If you want to see what Reggaecise is all about, want a great workout, like to dance, or enjoy reggae music, join us for the Reggaecise Masterclass.  This will be a 2-hour event that will have you dancing, moving, grooving, and working up a sweat, all to the rhythm and beat of Jamaican reggae music.

Cost:  $15 in advance; $20 at the door 

But before the Masterclass, if you are interested in becoming a certified Reggaecise instructor, make sure you sign up for the Workshop.  The Workshop will provide the basics of Reggaecise.  It’s a fast-moving few hours, and at the end of the Workshop, you may be called upon to join David Smith on stage for the Reggaecise Masterclass.

Cost:  $50 (Fee includes entry to Masterclass party and credit toward Reggaecise training)

So come just to enjoy an energetic workout, or take that first step to becoming a Reggaecise instructor.

More updates to follow!


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