Your Journey to Becoming a Fitness Professional Begins Today!

If you love to dance, love reggae music, and believe that fitness is important, then becoming a Reggaecise® dance fitness instructor could be a natural choice. While dance experience or musicality in dance is important, perfect dance technique is not as important as it often is for other dance jobs.

As a Reggaecise® dance fitness instructor, you’ll love the more informal environment that is lots of fun but still gets in a good sweat. Health and fitness clubs are also realizing that offering dance is a great alternative.  Reggaecise® is trying to keep up with requests for Reggaecise® classes, but we need you to help fill these positions.

If you have an outgoing personality, and love to motivate and inspire others to stay / get fit with dance, register today for Reggaecise® training, and begin your journey to becoming a fitness professional.

October Training


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